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Degrees and Certifications:

BSE Physical Education - SUNY Cortland MS Curriculum & Instruction SUNY Plattsburg

Mr. Parker

Have been teaching physical education at Salem and Washington Academy for 29 years.  

  • Physical Education Class will have a much different look this year than in the past. 

    The in person elementary curriculum will focus on individual skills and personal fitness.  Activities will be designed to maintain safe distancing and equipment will not be shared.  In addition, during remote days, students will be asked to complete a minimum of ONE additional assignment.  These assignments can be found on Google Classroom or will be provided through a different delivery system (paper copy, e-mail, website) if necessary.  When this assignment is completed students must message Mr. Parker to acknowledge completion.

    Students who are fully remote (at home) will be expected to check in with Mr. Parker through Google Classroom or e-mail 2 times a week.  In addition fully remote students will be asked to complete 2 assignments per week.  Assignments will usually be exercise routines and/or skill development activities.  On occasion these assignments may be paper and pencil variety.



    • Social Distancing: Per state guidance students will maintain a 12 feet separation while participating in physical activities.  Each student will have a clearly marked and designated space.


    • Equipment Management: Students will have their own equipment.  Equipment will NOT be shared.  At the end of each class, students will place equipment in a designated bag.  This equipment will not be used again until sanitized.


    • Masks: Students will be required to wear masks when entering and exiting the gym. Each students will be assigned to a designate space.   While students are in their designated spaces they MAY take off their mask.  However, if they leave their space for any reason the mask must be worn.


    • Entering and Exiting the Gym: Classes will enter/exit through designated doors.  This will prevent students from passing closely with another class.  Arriving teachers will wait outside the gym until invited in.