Wonderful Winter Students

  • 4th Graders have been working very hard this January. We have been working on learning how fables are written and the meaning of what a "moral" is. We have explored different themes and what char"act"erization means. (Who knew animals could act like people!) We have been increasing our writing stamina by practicing writing for up to 8 minutes without breaking concentration. We have done this both by writing with pens (we LOVE colored pens) and typing. The length and depth of our writing is already astounding. This month we will focus on biographies and reading nonfiction text for infomation.

    In Math, we have been working on long division. Learning our multiplication facts is key and will pay off. Keep up the good work!!! 

    In Social Studies, we have finished up Explorers and the early Dutch settlers. We are going to learn about Peg Leg Pete. We are going to be learning about the 13 colonies-(ask your student to sing the 13 colony song!) We will learn about early homes, clothing, food, and general life.

    In Science, we have finished up with the water cycle and learned how delicious "solutions" can be.

    Keep up the super work on the At Home Learning!  I know it's challenging, but your students are rising to the challenge and we are so proud of them.  The skills that they are learning now (time mangagement & organization) will serve them so well as they get older.

Thank You!

  • Thank you SO much for all of your particaption and help during our Valentine Day celebration and Spirit Week.  It felt so good to do activites together and the kids had a great time!

Purple Group "Orange" Spirit Day

Purple "Orange" spirit day